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the occupy movement makes the come back in north carolina. we are live tonight in charlotte where protesters have already started their demonstrations before any politician has even taken the stage. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> good evening i'm john sasaki in for ken wayne. protester are already in force.
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our election 2012 coverage starts with ken pritchett who is live in charlotte with a look at the protesters message, ken. >> reporter: where i'm standing right now you can see the spirit and security here in charlotte. this street right here has barricades for several city blocks. it'll be shut down come tuesday along with other streets here in downtown once the convention begins. to the left you can see a lot of tourists taking pictures of the stand sculpture of president obama made from sand brought in from the beach. >> the point is we don't have an option to vote for change. >> reporter: at a park close to downtown that -- charlotte they gathered. >> the problem is these parties
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don't represent us. >> they represent corporations not the people. >> reporter: their numbers were relatively low, less than a thousand and their march mostly unevidentful as they were surrounded by a very visible and constant police presence downtown. >> tight, very tight. you can't go one block and not see several security officers. >> reporter: charlotte resident ballard says this city has been waiting years for this week. >> it's unbelievable. it's spectating because you know we host a lot of events in the city of charlotte but this, this tops it. >> reporter: the first two days of the convention will be held at time warner cable arena, the stage is set. this is will first lady michelle obama and president clinton will speak. >> hearing obama talk thursday night and seeing that stadium full of 74,000 people. >> reporter: tomorrow we will
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visit with the california delegation, the largest delegation is playing a big role at this convention with many speakers at the convention including attorney general camala harris, ken pritchett, ktvu news. many women are on the speakers list including high ranking names from california. among them house minority leading nancy pelosi. barbara lee as ken just mentioned camala harris. ahead of the convention, president obama is giving hints about his acceptance speech coming up thursday night. >> thursday night i'm going to offer you what i believe is a better path forward. >> reporter: he promised students of the university of colorado that his path will grow the economy, create more jobs and strengthen the middle class. president obama will speak in ohio tomorrow then go to the gulf to see hurricane isaac
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damage. today an advisor to mitt romney called his speech at the convention a home run. >> governor romney's speech was an opportunity to introduce himself to millions of the voters who are seeing him for the first time and in that speech he accomplished what he was setting out to do. which was to speak about a better future for america. >> romney and his wife attended church this morning. j.w.marriot jr. thanked romney for his positive view of mormons. president obama brushed off criticism saying if he was easily offended he should probably choose another profession. during his monologue, eastwood addressed an empty chair. obama later tweeted this seat
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is taken with a picture of himself seating in a meeting. now to vallejo where emotions are running high after police shot and killed a man. officers say they were forced to fire after the man turned toward them with what appeared to be a hands gun. patti lee attended a vigil man the man who police now say had a pellet gun. >> reporter: the vallejo residents are inflamed by the police action that september -- sent a man to the hospital and another to the morgue. >> they shot him. they did not just shoot him once they execution style shot him. >> reporter: today the mother of the man riled at the officers who shot her son more than 30 times. ramirez mother described his son as blameless but vallejo police have a different version
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of events. police say they were patrolling the neighborhood, they said romero appeared to reach for a handgun. >> if someone is reaching for what appears to be a handgun, the proper response is to respond to that lethally. >> reporter: the handgun turned out to be a pellet gun. ramiro's sister a witness to the incident questioned the officers judgment. >> they reloaded in front of me and stood on top of the roof of the car and shot him. and shot and shot. they shot at least six to eight times. >> reporter: a reverend visiting the bay area from fresno encouraged the crowd to stand up for their community. >> this police department will be held accountable. >> reporter: but many in this crowd admitted they are afraid of their city's police force who is now investigating it's seventh police officer involved shooting since may. five of them fatal. today friends of the victim
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told us he was shot several times and is still hospitalled. the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave which is standard. patti lee, ktvu news. we have more details now on the series of police shootings that have occurred there in vallejo. there have been four other shooters that have killed suspects. in the most recent one, police shot and killed a domestic violence suspect who turned out to be carrying a metal wallet and not a gun. also in vallejo, police have arrested two young men suspected of burglary while a resident was home. officers caught the burglar as they were still in the home. the resident was not hurt. new at 10:00 tonight, oak lands police are investigating several incidents of vandalism that took place within blocks of today's gay pride festivities. windows were broken at the
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community bank of the bay on broadway and 17th street. a few blocks away a police officer had his tires slashed. graffiti as you see here also scrawled in the area and it matches that of a website claiming to represent a specific anarchist group that's upset about the funding and focus of the oakland pride event. a drive on highway 101 in san francisco came to a terrifying end for a man in a delivery van. the van plunged off highway 101 and fell to the grounds about 50 feet below near 15th and vermont street. the driver who did not lose consciousness was rushed to the hospital. he survived the crash largely because he was wearing a seat belt. but they add that excessive speed may have added to that crash. last night officers responded to reports of an argument on nunez drive and
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flikenger avenue. the driver of a gold cadillac intentionally ran the car into two people. about an hour later police found that cadillac three miles away on gridly street. they arrested copez on suspicion of felony hit-and- run. the victims a 40-year-old woman and 32-year-old man were homicidized but expected to survive -- hospitalized but expected to survivor their injuries. investigators say it's possible a cigarette started that fire. no one was injured. the creators of the oakland fire storm memorial say vandals attacked one of the memorials. memorial officials say it's the third time vandals have defaced
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a structure that memorize 25 firefighters that died during a fire. officers joined to honor frank ryan. he was battling a blaze at st. patrick's cathedral last thursday when he suffered a heart attack. several of ryan's colleagues are determined to remain at his side. >> first couple of nights they slept on the linolium. we realized they were doing that so we got them cots and pillows and they're going to remain here and they sleep here overnight. >> reporter: ryan is a 15 year veteran of the department who will turn 42 next month. family members say she's showing signs of improvement and are optimistic he will pull through. evacuation orders say they are still in effect for areas
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around the community of cavello. the lightning sparked fire has now burned more than 64 square miles since it began back in august 18th. it has already destroyed seven homes and tonight it's threatening 21 more. fire officials say that fire is nearly 60% contained. the reverent sun young moon a self-proclaimed masiah has died at 92. he built a business empire in asian but served time behind bars in the u.s. on tax evasion charges. his church popularity in the u.s. has dwindled but still has thousands of followers in asian. changes are happening on the dunbarton besides the quake work what drivers will notice
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when it reopens. crowd control changes that burning man has made to meet crowd attendance. >> this is incredible i've never seen so many people on this street. petaluma shows its pride as people turn out to honor its little league team. ous? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. you are looking at the result of a wrong way driver.
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the driver was not only traveling in the opposite direction but ran a red light and crashed right into a fire hydrant in oakland. it happened in the area of 12th street and castro. several people were hurt but we're told they're all going to be okay. a critical phase in the dumbarton bridge moving the project into the final stretch. >> it's the third night in a row of nonstop action up here. under the lights they're about to put steel plates in position. sort of a hinge across the bridge so it flexes when the earth moves. >> we got through one of the most sensitive operations. >> reporter: laying the support structure went fast. twice as fast as when caltrans
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did this on the other bridge during memorial day. >> this is the last operation for the support system then we go into the final product. >> reporter: final product, a bridge that will rock & roll but remain standing. >> it's designed for a thousand year earthquake. it's designed to handle the largest earthquake we expect over the next thousand years. >> reporter: work comes along too, no traffic a time to install new crash cushions at the approach. >> the faster the better. whatever they do to it, sounds good to me. >> reporter: he's a new dumbarton driver with his wife. >> she love it is bridge. >> it's a very nice bridge compared to the old bridge. >> reporter: this driver remembers the first dumbarton, a drawbridge built in the 20s now a fishing pier. >> it was a quarter going one way and a quarter going back. >> reporter: today's toll $5 and tolls are paying for the
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seismic upgrade. >> we've enlarged the gap to 42- inches. >> reporter: this gap will be straddled by overlapping plates. >> this theories the two bridges won't pound together during an earthquake. >> the challenge with labor day always is that tuesday morning the traffic volume spikes. we have to get the work done. >> reporter: weekday traffic, 30,000 vehicles both directions. that's about 10,000 fewer than the san mateo bridge. the last time caltrans did this work they opened a few hours early that is possible this time but they are making no promises. we're live in fremont, debora villalon. >> the bridge is set to open by 9:00 a.m. on tuesday. you can use the san mateo
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bridge or across highway 237. the crack down on drunk driving until the area continues through tomorrow. fatal accidents are up, chp says 11 people have died in drunk driving accidentses accidentses -- accidents so far. that's one more than last year. according to a napa valley register, starting on friday hospital officials will close four observation kioskses surrounding the fenced area of the hospital and instead those guards will move between other stations around the perimeter of the hospital grounds. now this plan was spelled out in a letter from the office of labor relations early this month. the changes come as the first ever documented escape from the hospital. that person was found the next
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day at a supermarket. police have identified lorenzo ward. there's no word on a possible motive or suspect. there were three other shootings in oakland last night. richmond police say a family dispute ended in a shooting death of a man outside a fast food restaurant. happened last night at a taco bell. a spokesperson says a suspect is in custody. but investigators are not releasing any other information. seems fewer burners are heading to the burning manifest value. on friday more than 52,000 people were at the festival but that's down 1.7% from a year ago. this year agents put a cap for each day of the event. they reduced tickets in an
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effort to control attendance. given today's huge turn out at petaluma's festival, you would have thought they were world series winners. >> reporter: an estimated 13,000 13,000 celebrating petaluma's little league team. >> reporter: they have turned from petaluma and beyond. >> we're from sonoma and we could not be prouder of this team. we watched all the games. these guys know all the players. >> we want to congratulate the team. >> this is incredible, i've never seen so many people on this street. >> reporter: players and staff waved from classic cars. >> we didn't think this many
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people were going to turn out. i always tear up. >> reporter: for coach thome the experience was made more special with his son on the team. >> words can't explain it. i just can't explain it. i'm proud of him. proud of all the boys. what a ride. >> reporter: player douglas shared the team's appreciation. >> thank you, that was awesome. >> reporter: tonight all sorts of messages congratulations and pride remain on outside of businesses across town. tomorrow is designated petaluma little league day. we posted a full slide show for you on >> fun to see there. it is the world's deadliest spider so why are people actually being asked to try to catch it? also this building it was mostly vacant only used for
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storage. but somehow it went up in flames. the unusual firefighter response that followed. and crews are battling a fast growing fire. the camp that is being evacuated before tomorrow's holiday. >> temperatures have been warming up this weekend. coming up where we will have some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change we have in the forecast for your labor day. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs.
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use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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this was a five alarm fire this morning. it lit up the sky at major portions of a hotel went up in flames. firefighters got the call about 5:00 in morning and it took them until 7:00 to get the flames under control. it's unknown what caused the fire at the red lion in. the building was being used for storage. the u.s. military announced it is suspending the training of american forces. the training of about 16,000 afghan local police is on hold
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as american train new recruits. training will continue for the remainder of afghan forces. there's been 35 attacks by afghan police and soldiers so far this year. at least 12 in august alone. officials announced that a u.s. drone attack killed a top al-qaida militant. the strike killed badis who wanted for attacking a oil tanker. one person was killed in that attack. in other news of the world tonight in south africa the acting national director of prosecutions announced that murder charges against 270 striking miners will be dropped. the men had been charged after 34 other striking minors were killed by police last month during a violent strike.
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they were accused of provoking police to open fire on those miners. from syria, august was the deadliest month since the uprising began. with a death toll of 5,000 people. unicef says at least 6,000 people were killed last year alone. and from australia tonight the search is on for the world's deadliest spider. the australian funnel web. seems supplies of the anti venom to treat the bite are running low. so now those who make the anti venom are asking people to catch the spider and turn them in so they can be milked for their poison. many people from the louisiana coast are just returning to their homes. hundreds of thousands of people
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are still without power. the town of brefway was hard hit and crews are now trying to drain the water by cutting holes in the levee. newly released documents show that michael jackson's promoter had serious concerns about his health in the days before his death. the l.a. times obtained 250 e-mails involving promoters for jackson's this is it tour. they describe the pop star as an emotionally paralyzed mess, out of shape and consumed with self-doubt. they also concerned that the tour was at risk of becoming an imminence flop. oakland shows its pride. >> this is a day of acceptance, get wild, get crazy. >> reporter: thousands turn out for the gay pride celebration. what makes this annual event different from the one across the bay. >> and a warning for students
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at san francisco state. the illness other students have been diagnosed with and why officials are very concerned. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu news on your cell phone. download our app and watch newscasts live online. be connected any time, any where. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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planning to keep the canyon shut down because of the fire tomorrow on labor day. there were couples, families and lots of
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celebration at this year's gay pride festival in oakland. we spoke to this year's attendants about the event. >> this is a day of acceptance, to get wild, get crazy. >> reporter: the theme of this year's event, it's a celebration. they're cheering from the repeal of don't ask don't tell to the president's stance backing same-sex marriage. >> there's no generation that has seen so much growth and i think that's something to be celebrated. is that something to say we're done, not in the least bit. >> reporter: oakland pride is in its biggest year. they believe they will surpass 13,000. >> this atmosphere is very different. it's smaller, more community based. you really get to know the
10:31 pm
people and the vendor. >> it's bigger than just lgbt it's more of the oakland culture they're bringing in. >> reporter: the event had a community area. it's one of the most diverse pride celebrations in the country. >> we can be ourselves and make connections and network with people we usually don't see. >> we're here to celebrate, celebrate such a wonderful day to be free. >> reporter: if oakland pride could generate more vendors they would like to expand, maybe everyone to include a parade next year. demonstrations are policemanned for tomorrow morning at the shell refinery. they want officials prosecuted
10:32 pm
for last month's fire at the refinery. the sfsu has issued a warning about chickenpox. they issued the warning after a second student was diagnosed on friday. that person lives in the dorms and had visited several locations. anyone who hasn't had chickenpox could be susceptible but there could be preventable measures if you contact your doctor within three to five days of exposure. the group improving growths says there's too many ceserian births and there should be more care. the rally takes place on ashby avenue starts at 10:00. similar rallies are happening in all 50 states.
10:33 pm
the oakland a's helped bring attention to breast cancer before today's game. they formed a line on the field which was followed by the release of doves and the ended with the presentation of a donation to the breast cancer funds. the legislature ended the session with the passage of 20 bills. they included safety standards for natural gas lines, a ban on hunting bears with dogs and a change on how public schools are ranked. brown has until the end of this month to sign or veto those bills. the popular see's candy company is planning to expand. see's got a start in 1991. warren buffet brought see's in the early 1970s and now owners
10:34 pm
are planning to expand to florida and washington, d.c. buffet is said to be a big fan of see's especially the chocolate lollipops. >> i prefer the butter scotch. why it's bye bye for this santa cruz roller coaster. temperatures have been warming up but will the warmer weather stick around? mark tamayo joins us next with today's forecast.
10:35 pm
10:36 pm
well temperatures have been warming up nicely this holiday weekend. expect for one part of the bay area as you can probably guess. the fog still clinging to parts of the shoreline. mainly south of the golden gate bridge. in fact, here you can pick up
10:37 pm
some of the low clouds. in fact, it's coming tighter here and still dense fog hugging the coast right along pacifica and pescadero. a few patches sneaking into the bay. for the rest of the region you have mostly clear skies right now for the 10:00 hour. as far as temperatures from the afternoon, they range from 60 in pacifica, fog there. san francisco 66 but really warming up inland out toward concord, fairfield and livermore. those readings in the lower 90 degrees. we do have this mostly clear skies and coastal fog as we showed you. for tomorrow for your labor day. fog and lower numbers inland. a few clouds could be on the increase once we head into late tuesday and into wednesday. first thing tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up once again especially for the north valleys. those temperatures back down to the mid-40s. san francisco 51 and liver
10:38 pm
mother -- livermore low clouds in san francisco. we do warm things up, temperatures inland approaching the mid-90s around 93 to 94 degrees. a little bit of a northerly flow helps clear out the fog. not complete clearing but we could have clouds as we go into labor day. i think a few patches will linger into the afternoon as well. tomorrow one of the warmer days of the week and we gradually cool things off beginning tuesday and into wednesday. here's our forecasted model showing us this. be extra careful heading to the coast tomorrow morning. this particularly model clears the fog out. but inland look at this, lots of sunshine, that orange
10:39 pm
contour links up with the 80s. warmer locations 93 to 94. for tomorrow looks pretty nice. temperatures on track in salsalito. giants back home, the a's as well. temperatures back up in the low to mid-70s both at the 1:00 hour first pitch tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the forecast highs, santa rosa 88 degrees. fairfield 92, oakland in the upper 70s. san jose at 86 and these numbers about the same as today. could be a little bit warmer in a few spots. downtown san francisco in the lower 70s. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. we thicken up the clouds a little bit. we also drop off those temperatures by midweek with your weekend always in view. you can see temperatures up saturday and sunday about a week away. but looking pretty good.
10:40 pm
before we know it it'll be halloween and we'll be doing the report. >> i saw 76 was the high in santa cruz. nice day then. >> nice day. they'll be getting a little built of clearing in the afternoon. >> good for this story. all right roller coaster fans listen up. tomorrow is the last day to ride the hurricane. the hurricane was installed in 1992. a new coaster will take its place next year. building sand castles is big business this weekends. the sand sculpting challenge has brought some of the most talented castle builders to the shore. the sand cattle builders are competing for $20,000. >> i was never very good at making a sand castle. mine never looked like that. >> no doubt. the giants go for a series win against the cubs. >> also copping -- coming up
10:41 pm
we will hear from those red hot a's after their ninth win in a row. joe fonzi is coming up with his sports wrap. this is an rc robotic claw.
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my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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good evening everyone welcome to this late night edition of sports wrap. the a's have won nine in a row and they're tied with the yankees for the second best record in the entire league. the a's playing tribute to breast cancer. then going for a three game sweep against the red sox.
10:44 pm
daisuke matsuzaka was down 2-0 before ever going out. the a's again used the home game to get ahead. drew had three on the day and a pair of rbis. oakland's two run third after 4 innings the a's were cruising with a 6-0 lead. pitcher brett anderson is becoming a great late season story. this was anderson's third start since returning from tommy john's surgery. but the throw from cespedes cut down. one more run on the night but there's a new viable at the coliseum if you brought a bloom, the a's gave you a chance to use it. the a's win their ninth in a row 6-2 fred inglis has more

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